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Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas

(b 1968 & 1966) Live and work in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Boston, US.

Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas have established an international reputation for socially interactive and interdisciplinary practice exploring the conflicts and contradictions posed by the economic, social, and political conditions in the former Soviet countries. Combining the tools of new and traditional media, Urbonas's work frequently involves collective activities such as workshops, lectures, debates, TV programs, Internet chat-rooms and public protests that stand at the intersection of art, technology and social criticism. With new technologies they experiment with different forms of access while continuing to question the relativity of freedom, which has informed the public interventions and collective actions throughout their career.

Using art as a critical platform, they often create temporary public spaces that evoke local communities, encourage interactions and political imagination. This has involved producing their own TV programs (tvvv.plotas) as a collaborative strategy of infiltration into the National TV channel in Lithuania. In an ongoing research and exhibition project Transaction they have researched the psychological impact of the 1989 revolution on different generations of women. Their work Pro-test Lab turned “Lietuva” cinema (Vilnius), which was in the prolonged process of debated privatization, into a space for reinventing different modes of public protest.

Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas have worked together since 1997 and are co-founders of JUTEMPUS interdisciplinary art program, a model for social and artistic practice. They have also co-founded VILMA, Vilnius Interdisciplinary Lab for Media, and VOICE, a net-based publication on media culture. They frequently collaborate with experts across different fields such as architecture, design, fashion, and technology. Gediminas Urbonas is an Associate Professor in the Art, Culture and Technology Program at MIT. Nomeda Urbonas is PhD researcher at Norwegian University for Science and Technology.

Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas have participated, amongst others, in the Biennales of Moscow (2007), Lyon (2007), Gwangju (2006), Berlin (2004), as well as Manifesta 4 (Frankfurt 2002) and Dokumenta 11 (Kassel 2002). They have had solo exhibitions in, for example, MIT (2011), Lithuanian Pavillion, Venice Biennale (2007), MACBA (Barcelona 2008), CAC (Vilnius 2004), Ludwig Museum, (Budapest 2002), and taken part in exhibitions widely, such as in MACBA (Barcelona 2010), CAC (Vilnius 2010, 2007, 1997), MUMOK (Vienna 2009), ARCOS (Italy 2008), Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven 2007), Ludwig Museum (Budapest 2007), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam 2005), Secession (Vienna 2003).

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