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Elin Wikström

(b. 1965) Lives in Gothenburg and works as Professor of Fine Arts in Umeå University.

Elin Wikström addresses in her practice questions concerning sustainability, everyday exchanges and global economy, her methods ranging from workshops and participatory actions to performance and installation. The activities, communication and potential of the individual within her/his community lies often at the heart of the works. Her work has been recognised internationally, and especially in the Nordic countries Wikström has been an important figure in the development of performative social critique and research into public space and ecological issues within the field of contemporary art.

In her works Wikström has focused on, for example, the migration of marine species, which she discussed in relation to the immigration of people with underwater rugby, video, and seminars as her media. She has also tested the everyday survival of urban dwellers without electricity, slept three weeks in a supermarket during its opening hours, and examined the potential dormant within the aging population by offering the services of her own father as a handyman to a small community for the duration of her exhibition. Wikström collaborates often with specialists from different fields in order to allow for the production of knowledge and understanding across disciplinary, geographical and cultural boundaries. The possibilities opened up by encounters and interactions are central to her practice: in its most concrete this has meant bringing together customers of H&M from Europe and the H&M workers from the Far East, or forest managers from Iceland and.

Elin Wikström has participated in e.g. the biennales of Tirana (2003) and Venice (1997). Recent solo exhibitions include: Galleri Verkligheten Sweden 2011, Sala de Arte Publica de Siqueiros (Mexico City, 2007), Showroom (London, 2005), Moderna Museet (Stockholm, 2005), Dundee Contemporary Arts (2000). Group exhibitions e.g. Galeria Arsenal (Polen, 2010), Futuresonic (Manchester, 2009), Lofoten International Art Festival (Norway, 2008), MARCO (Spain, 2007), Kunstihoone (Tallinn, 2006), Bard College (New York, 2006), Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (2004), Whitechapel Art Gallery (London, 2004), Kunstverein Munchen (2003).

Save the seagrass? Who decides? You? Scientists? Politicians? The market?