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Renée Green

(b. 1959) lives and works in New York and San Francisco.

Renée Green is an artist, writer and filmmaker. Green is internationally recognized for her installations and films that explore the formation of subjectivity and knowledge in and through transcultural encounters during various stretches of time. The artwork grows out of a combination of imagining and investigating ways of being in the world.  Returning to places and ideas over a duration of time, empirically and speculatively, is a part of her process. Her installations become spaces of their own, where geographically and historically separated sites and people may come into contact with one another; these layered works function as spaces of mediation allowing viewers to continue the exchanges through specific collections of images, sounds, texts and objects.

In her last project Green has focused on the subjective and shared desires of four characters, via fictive as well as historical narratives, projected across the sea and onto islands. In 2009 she produced the extensive installation Endless Dreams and Water Between for the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (UK) and continues now investigating forms of relation and projection, via a film in part set in Turku Archipelago. In other previous works she has addressed the global circulation of people and of cultural forms via electronic music (Wavelinks) and hip-hop culture (Import/Export Funk Office), the Atlantic slave trade (Mise en scène), student protests of 1970 and Kwangju massacre of 1980, in relation to intersecting subjective and official national and international histories, including those of artists Robert Smithson and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (Partially Buried in Three Parts).

Green's solo exhibitions include two survey exhibitions at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco, 2010), and the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (Lausanne, 2009). Other recent solo exhibitions include the National Maritime Museum (London, 2009), Jeu de Paume (Paris, 2008), Baltimore Museum of Art (2005), and Portikus (Frankfurt, 2002). Her work has also been exhibited in numerous biennales and other major art events, such as Manifesta 7 (2008), Istanbul Biennial (2007), Seville Biennial (2006), Documenta 11 (Kassel, 2002), Kwangju Biennale (1997), Johannesburg Biennial (1997), Whitney Biennial (1993), and the Venice Biennale (1993).

Endless Dreams and Water Between